JML & Associates

Thank you for visiting our website. Before moving to Ecuador there are several things to consider: How can I get a visa and what options are available for me? Where am I going to live? I don’t speak the language, how can I get things done?While moving to or living in another country you’ll find that things sometimes go different than what you are used to and you can easily run into issues you weren’t prepared for and cost you a lot of unexpected expense.We at JML & Associates are here to remove some of the stress and help you through the process of moving and living in Ecuador or just visiting us. Take a look around our website for more information or to get in touch with us if you are in the area. Feel free to visit our Cotacachi office for any questions you may have. You will be greeted by our receptionist, Belen, who will then direct you to the professional you need to see to answer your questions.

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